May 20, 2024

Top 6 Street Food Stalls in Jakarta, Indonesia

From classic, ubiquitous foods to a secret family recipe and quirky creations, the abundance of taste at Jakarta’s lively street food scene represents the city’s versatility and diversity. While Jakarta is not short of lavish restaurants, street food remains one of the most excellent ways to truly taste the city. Jakarta street food stalls are where you may feast on yummy meals–no fuss. Everything is straight and smooth as you forget all finicky table manners, enjoy the meal, and then pay later for the significant part without breaking the bank.

Mixing together tasty food with casual and lovely local settings, the street food stalls in the Jakarta scene bring people together, from general foodies to celebrities, to enjoy real, local delights.

  1. Gulai Tikungan

Every night, dozens of cars are parked on the sides of Mahakam street as people swarm in for a heating and tasty gulai. Loved and known for the spicy, savory taste, gulai is composed of beef slices drenched in spices-rich sauce, served with rice and optional chili condiments. Gultik (short for Gulai Tikungan) serves relatively little parts. Still, at less than $1 per serving, many folks find it customary to purchase second (or third!) helpings of the aromatic gulai.

  1. Seafood Ayu

In coastal North Jakarta, seafood may be enjoyed in both humble street food carts and lavish settings. Seafood Ayu serves restaurant-grade dishes in a simple tent, bringing simple big portioned meals to the table, with an affordable cost. Seafood Ayu has everything from crabs, prawns, and clams, to various fish, ready to be served however you like; fried, grilled, or sauced. Make sure to order a serving of stir-fried water spinach (kangkung) to go with the tasty seafood.

  1. Bubur Ayam Barito

Bubur Ayam (chicken congee) is an omnipresent street food dish in Jakarta, incredibly popular as a breakfast dish. This food booth in Barito street has increasing numbers of fans throughout the city due to the dense, aromatic porridge and overflowing toppings. In addition to the typical shredded chicken and cakwe, a bowl of chicken congee in Bubur Ayam Barito can also be served with cheese sticks. The improbable extra has proven a much-loved quirk that keeps people coming back.


  1. Nasi Goreng Kambing Kebon Sirih

Since 1958, Nasi Goreng Kambing Kebon Sirih is now somewhat legendary among Jakarta’s culinary connoisseurs. Managed by the founder’s grandson, the humble street warung still keeps its sought-after mutton fried rice, with generous spices and seasoning, which lead to a solid Indonesian flavor. You may also complete the menu with a selection of satay. Among the intriguing highlights while eating here is the cooking activity. The cook prepares the fried rice in massive portions using an enormous wok.

  1. Sate Padang Ajo Ramon

While satay (known as sate in Indonesian) is a famous classic, very few tourists realize there is actually a wide variation for this classic grilled skewer. Sate Padang is a special satay from West Sumatra’s Padang, distinguished by its thick savory sauce and tender meat. Unlike several other sate Padang stalls in Jakarta, Ajo Ramon uses the Padang Pariaman recipe, which has a thick reddish-brown sauce rather than yellow. Ajo Ramon serves this delectable satay recipe at a humble jar. Still, it doesn’t stop lots of public figures from enjoying the authentic sate Padang.

  1. Warmindo Abang Adek

Indonesian instant noodles are a categorical casual meal present in almost every “warung” you can find in Jakarta. Nevertheless, Warung Abang Adek is different from the others. The place is notorious for breaking a sweat and burning off its clients’ tongue with exceptionally spicy instant noodles. While ordering, customers will be asked how many chilis they want to use in the seasoning. The answers vary from 10 to 100, as responses range from scratching your head while gasping for air and passing out directly on the spot. Consider yourself warned.

A trip to Jakarta is not complete without trying lots of street food there. But, as you know, traveling is more than just-food. It’s also about making long-lasting memories. Discover more adventures in Jakarta by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.