July 14, 2024

Short History of Mining Methods and Technology

Mining tops the list of the world’s oldest human activities. It involves extracting important materials like gold, coal, and gemstones from the earth’s surface. There are numerous mining methods, and these have evolved significantly.

The history of mining dates back to decades ago, and many are now embracing new and safer technologies with minimal environmental impact. New advanced mining equipment is now available, and companies like Kor Pak have since come up to provide a wide variety of crane brakes and accessories.

Here’s a short history of mining methods and technology:

For a long time, people have been using different techniques to extract minerals. Some discoveries reveal that flint pebbles were extracted in France and Britain in the New Stine Age. Moreover, Ancient Egyptians practiced mining as early as 3000 BC and were primarily involved in mining copper.

Coal mining was also common before 1900. The coal mining techniques were less developed until the invention of the first conveyor belt. It continued into the 1960s, and small firms merged to form more diversified companies. In 2008, the competition in the coal mining industry became more competitive, leading to a demand for more advanced technology and mines.

How has mining technology evolved?

 In the early days, mining was dangerous and slow going. Mines lacked advanced tools, and many used primitive tools for digging. These included stone tools that were used to dig shafts. Most people could dig using their hands, and the process was time-consuming. Mines used pick hammers and fire to clear the tunnels and dig deeper and faster. They would heap logs near the rock, light a fire, and weaken it, leading to fractures.

 However, technological advances began in the late Middle age; during this time, mines would use explosives to break massive rocks. In the 19th century, dynamite was introduced to replace black powder, and there were many advancements in motorized mining tools, drills, and lifts.

Understanding mining technology at present

 Mining technology keeps on improving. Newer techniques are now coming up and can extract about 85% of minerals without digging a shaft. There are multiple modern machines and drilling equipment to grind and extract minerals. These require minimal energy and doesn’t endanger miners.

Moreover, technological advances allow mines to extra minerals with enhanced accuracy and minimal harm to the environment. More advanced drilling equipment has since come up, allowing efficiency and more minerals gleaned from the shaft.

What are the mining tools & machinery used at present?      

Miners use heavy machinery, trucks, drills, bulldozers, crane lifts, and more. These are handy if there’s a need to dig deep into the ground. These come with distinct features and parts and are more effective than the conventional chisels, hammers, and sticks used in the early days. There are also different modern mining techniques; these include;

  • Underground mining
  • Open surface mining
  • Placer mining
  • In-situ mining

The techniques employ different mining tools, and the method used is dependent on the type of mineral being mined.

 The bottom line

 Mining has a rich history, and technological advances have resulted in modern mining equipment, which has improved efficiency and minimized the death of workers. Mining techniques are now more accurate, and we expect more inventions in the future.