July 14, 2024

How to Prepare Effectively for Competitive Exams?

Reading a whole book and by hearting, all the contents do not work for a student to gain good scores for examinations. No matter how much you learn, memorizing the whole content and presenting it for an exam is very important. BYJU’S solved question answer paper is one of the best study materials for those who all are preparing for competitive exams. 

Mainly science questions are included with a variety of questions according to the marks.  Practising and solving question papers is a good method for the revision of subjects and topics we learnt. Competitive exams will be a little tough so that students should be aware of each and everything before going for the examination.

Preparation Before Examination

First and foremost thing before going for an examination is preparation. We should be well-prepared in a good manner. Most importantly concentration. Anywhere anyone who comes to you for distraction, just ignore all those and keep focussed on what you are doing.

  • Timetable creation is one of the most important things you must create before going to study. This helps to learn things in a disciplined manner
  • Set up a study place which is according to your comfort zone. Whether it can be an open space or a closed space with enough lights.
  • Don’t take too much stress while studying each topic. Intervals or breaks can be taken if feeling too much stress. Drink coffee or hear some good music.
  • Select a perfect time for studying. Morning time will be more effective as we wake up with a fresh mind.
  • Cover all the portions without leaving a single topic in between. It creates both tension and disturbance.

Try to work on weak subjects. If biology is difficult then work on biology questions more. Spend little time extra for those subjects.

Tricks and Tips 

  • Don’t plan to study for long hours, take a break and study. A continuous sitting must be avoided
  • Prepare small notes for revision. After completing each portion take the note and just revise. Revise it before going to bed also.
  • Use colour pens for marking the highlight points. For example, if you are studying biology portion, then mark with a green colour pen. Each topic with colour can be identified and it is easy for remembering the point.
  • Drink more water. 
  • Keep things which you feel like a distraction. Especially mobile phones or tablets. Keep these devices on silent mode for 2 to 3 hours and make concentration only on your studies. 
  • Stop learning if you feel exhausted. Too much learning doesn’t make sense.
  • Control attending functions or parties at the time of examination. The mood you create for preparing exams will be spoiled in a very minute second. Thus focus on studies will be lost.
  • Sleep at least for 8 hours in a day. More stressed out studies can affect your health badly. Lack of sleep can cause stress to your eye.
  • Be confident while writing an exam and also before the exam.

And do not forget to use study material for referring and also answer the questions given. For example, if you are working out science questions then thoroughly study the concepts and start practising. If maths, use logic and work out the problems. BYJU’S question and answer papers help students to learn the concepts lucidl. Concepts should be remembered while solving biology questions, it will help so much. When it comes to mathematics it is all about logical thinking.

If you follow these ways during and before the examination, it enhances your confidence and helps to gain high scores for competitive examinations. All before doing these prayers are also as well important. Pray to the almighty and start everything with a pleasant face and a fresh mind.