May 19, 2024

Get Your OXVA OXBAR Magic Maze Pro 10K Disposable Vape at Puff21 Today! 

Welcome to Puff21, the best online store for smoking and vaping accessories! Introducing the most recent advancement in vaping technology: the OXVA OXBAR Magic Maze Pro 10K Disposable Vape, with a staggering 10000 puff capacity!


This disposable vape device has a strong 1.0Ω mesh coil that produces smooth and pleasant vapor with every inhale. With its 900mAh battery, you can enjoy long vaping sessions without fear of running out of power. Besides, the adjustable wattage function allows you to customize your vaping experience, and the clear screen display keeps track of your settings. The Air Flow Control helps you to fine-tune the airflow for a more customized draw. OXVA OXBAR Magic Maze Pro’s Type-C charging connector charges quickly and efficiently ensuring little downtime.

Below is a summary of the disposable vape’s features and specs:

OXBAR Magic Maze Pro 10K Disposable Vape Features and Specifications

  • Pre-filled and pre-charged
  • Around 10000 puffs
  • 18mL prefilled capacity
  • 5% nicotine strength (50mg)
  • 900 mAh rechargeable battery
  • Type-C charging port
  • 0-ohm mesh coil
  • 5g in weight
  • 88mm x 50.0mm x 22.2mm dimensions
  • LED screen display indicating battery and e-liquid levels
  • Adjustable airflow

Let’s now dive into a detailed analysis of this vape’s thrilling features.

Starting The Vaping Experience with The OXBAR Magic Maze Pro 10K Disposable Vape

Getting started with the Magic Maze Pro is simple. Simply unbox, inhale, and enjoy the delicious flavors it has to offer. The gadget is pre-filled with your preferred e-liquid and also pre-charged, offering a hassle-free vaping experience from the start. The Magic Maze Pro is fully functional right out of the box. The automated draw feature removes the need for buttons, resulting in a more convenient vaping experience.

User Friendliness: Adjustable Wattage, Airflow Control, and LED Screen Display Indicating The Battery and E-Liquid Levels

A tiny LED panel on the front bottom right side of the Magic Maze Pro displays battery life and the remaining E-Juice, both of which are vital to know so you are not taken aback when in a thrilling vaping session. The wattage button is on the front panel’s bottom right, right below the LED screen. Wattage levels range from 11W to 15W, and each click of the button displays the “W” sign on the LED, increasing the output by one watt until it returns to the beginning wattage position. A bottom-to-side sliding airflow control switch allows you to tailor the vape’s draws.

Available Flavors of The OXBAR Magic Maze Pro 10K Disposable Vape at Puff21

The OXBAR Magic Maze Pro comes in a stunning variety of flavors that, I’m certain, will delight any vaper’s palette. What’s even great is that the 21 flavors range from classic fruit-based alternatives to more exotic and unique combinations. Pod Juice manufactures 11 of the 21 varieties available. Here are some of the favorite flavors of this disposable vape:

  • Blue Razz. A refreshing blue raspberry flavor.
  • Jewel Mint (pod juice). A vibrant and flavorful mint. It’s similar to several “Miami mint” flavors, but more robust and tastier.
  • Rainbow Blast. A beautiful blast of tropical fruit flavors.
  • Strawberry Apple Watermelon. A delicious trio of fruity goodness.
  • Watermelon Remix Ice. A cool blend of watermelon flavors with an icy twist.

You can visit our online store for more information regarding all other available flavors!

Other Available Flavors

Pros and Cons of The OXBAR Magic Maze Pro 10K Disposable Vape


  • Sleek and sturdy
  • Wide variety of flavors
  • Long battery life
  • Adjustable wattage
  • Smart LED display for real-time monitoring thus avoiding unpleasant surprises


  • Long charge time i.e., around 100 minutes

Get Your OXVA OXBAR Magic Maze Pro 10K Disposable Vape at Puff21 Today! Puff21 is a Premier Online Store for Smoking and Vaping Enthusiasts!

The OXBAR Magic Maze Pro 10K Disposable Vape sets new standards for throwaway performance. The flavor and vape quality are excellent! With adjustable wattage and airflow control, it is suitable for both new and seasoned vapers. However, the extended charging time is a difficult pill to swallow. Despite these shortcomings, we can guarantee that your overall experience with this disposable vape will be quite pleasant. So, what are you waiting for? Order this product online at Puff21, your one-stop shop for all smoking and vaping accessories. Enjoy the convenience of doorstep delivery and high-quality products, supported by our secure online purchases and fast shipping services. Enhance your vaping experience with us now!