May 19, 2024

An Overview of ERP Product Configurator and Executive Information System Software

ERP’s Product Configurator is a priceless resource for your business’s traders and engineers if you recognize these issues as your own. As an ETO (engineering to order) manufacturing tool, the Product Configurator is a must-have for every textile, knitting, printing, or paper manufacturing company. New goods and categories can be created using this software, which allows companies to react quickly to market changes.

In this way, manufacturers can completely implement the needs of their consumers, getting in advance information about the price and features of products with any degree of complexity. Executive information system software is important.

Benefits and possibilities:

Complex product lines can be modeled

An extensive range of product-defining characteristics and easy configuration of products

Customer orders will be processed more quickly

Cost and time calculations for the production of customized products are performed automatically. The commercial, logistic, and financial elements are all integrated.

The speed with which an offer can be put into action

With the ERP product configurator, you can create new product models based on your customers’ needs. Using this method, sales teams can quickly and accurately construct complex multi-component product offers.

The ERP product configurator user-friendly interface allows you to construct flexible models by simply entering the device’s characteristics. Therefore, you can tailor your product to customer needs.

So that you can estimate a delivery time and anticipated value and price as soon as a customer provides you with product specifications. You can immediately include those details into your production schedule.

Streamlined communications between the Sales and Manufacturing departments

The Product Configurator reduces the possibility of operational errors when creating products. Due to its strong connection to production and financial modules, changes to pricing or data on available production capacity are immediately reflected in calculations. This ensures that your customers will always receive the most up-to-date information.

Manufacturing technology creation is now automated.

Predefined questionnaires and final items are both valid inputs for the Product Configurator. In addition to product specifications, you may also add numerous graphics schemes, statistics, and historical data to your product.

A unique specification and production technology are automatically generated after the products are configured to meet the customer’s needs.

The outcome is a reduction in the amount of physical labor required to plan and ensure the manufacturing process for new items. Furthermore, computations are carried out automatically by the most recent price lists.

The ERP system makes it simple to make partial alterations to specifications and technological recipes when the piece is repeated. Customer orders, offers, manufacture, and transportation of finished goods are all easily tracked using the interface, which also details how each step is being implemented.

Module Material Planning Integration

Users can obtain information on possible raw material delivery dates within the claimed turnaround time of each order and alerts for potential delays because the Product Configurator and the Material Planning module are tightly integrated.

Using the module, you may keep tabs on changes to production processes. During product configuration, the technology is developed, and any changes in parameters are instantly considered. Hundreds of distinct features do not have to be recovered by hand due to this.