May 20, 2024

DS Group Celebrates 94th Founders’ Day in Tribute to its Founder, Shri Dharampal Sugandhi

The Dharampal Satyapal Group, commonly known as the DS Group, is not just a corporation; it’s an institution with a rich history and an expansive portfolio. Founded in 1929, the Group celebrated its 94th Founders’ Day to commemorate an era of setting new benchmarks and conquering new territories.

DS Group conglomerate’s humble beginnings took birth in Old Delhi’s Chandni Chowk, where Shri Dharampal ji started with a modest perfumery shop. His legacy was carried forward by his son, Shri Satyapal Sugandhi, who nurtured and shaped the conglomerate into what it is today – an influential player in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector with both national and international reach.

Celebrating 94 Years

To commemorate its 94 years of setting new benchmarks and breaking into new frontiers, the DS Group unveiled an engaging corporate Audio-Visual (AV). This visual journey is more than just a corporate narrative; it is a testament to the Group’s ingrained philosophy of pioneering innovation and fostering a culture that believes every endeavour is a blank canvas waiting to be transformed into a masterpiece. The AV pivots around the theme ‘Create What is Worth Creating,’ showcasing the Group’s relentless commitment to quality, innovation, and its vision of bringing harmony into the world.

At the core of the DS Group’s vision is a commitment to innovation, which has been the cornerstone for the Group’s foray into various business verticals. Over the years, the Dharampal Satyapal Group has diversified its interests substantially, focusing not just on FMCG, but also branching into confectionery, luxury retail, Agri business, and hospitality.

The Most Loved Brands by DS Group

Homegrown favourites like Catch, Pulse, Rajnigandha Silver Pearls, and Pass Pass to name a few, have become staples in Indian households. In the world of dairy and beverages, brands like Ksheer and Catch beverages have carved a niche, signifying purity and quality in a market overrun by competitors. DS Group’s dedication to quality extends to its spice segment, where Catch spices are favoured for their aroma and freshness. They have even reached out to our culinary senses through a range of blended spices and pastes.

DS Group’s Acquisitions & Partnerships

However, the DS Group’s ambitions do not stop at only FMCG or confectionery. It has made its mark in the luxury retail sector as well. With their recent partnership with the luxury Swiss chocolate brand Läderach and the acquisition of the Good Stuff Pvt Ltd, the DS Group signalled its entry into the lucrative chocolate segment, further augmenting its robust confectionary portfolio. This move is strategic, aiming to tap into the growing consumer demand for premium and international flavours.

As for the hospitality industry, the DS Group owns renowned brands like The Manu Maharani and Namah, offering luxurious experiences to guests and highlighting their commitment to top-notch service and comfort. Other ventures like Le Marche and L’Opera serve as an extension of the Group’s foray into the luxury retail sector, each promising an exclusive experience to its customers.

Sustainable Practices

Whether it’s been through the preservation of endangered forest species, like their agri-business project for Sandalwood, or their green initiatives to focus on water harvesting and conservation, the DS Group also shows a strong commitment to sustainable practices. This demonstrates that the Group is not just profit-driven, but also environmentally conscious, balancing corporate goals with social responsibility.


Celebrating 94 years of an incredible journey, the DS Group looks ahead with the same entrepreneurial spirit that marked its inception, combined with the adaptability and forward-thinking needed in a continually evolving marketplace. The Founders’ Day not only served as a milestone but also as a starting point for new ventures, ambitious projects, and dreams of creating a harmonious world filled with opportunities for innovation and creativity.