May 20, 2024

Digital TV Antenna Troubleshooting: What To Do When My TV Won’t Work

You’re about ready to throw your TV across the room if you can even lift it. Your TV isn’t working again, and the digital TV antenna always appears to be the culprit. TV hasn’t only taken over your life, but everyone’s lives since the beginning of TV history

Don’t worry! Having a little digital TV antenna troubleshooting session will help you figure out what exactly is wrong with your TV. Keep reading to find out what you need to do today. 

Find Out What Year Your TV was Made

The year your digital TV was made is important in digital TV antenna troubleshooting. This is because TVs before 2006 need a converter box to work. 

If made before 2006, you will need a converter box to get your signal up and running. If your digital TV was made after 2006, you should continue your digital TV antenna troubleshoot.  

Run a Channel Scan

Running a channel scan can help you figure out why your TV antenna signal is weak. 

Once you install your antenna, you can change the input to “ANTENNA.” Then, you can run a channel scan. Local channels should pop up. 

If local channels do not pop up, there are several reasons why that could be. You may need to elevate the antenna to get a better broadcast signal, or your coaxial cable may be too long. 

Make sure your antenna is set up right too. 

Doublecheck Your Antenna

Make sure you double-check your TV antenna. It could be your antenna is set up incorrectly or has shifted positions outside. 

If your antenna is secured outside, look for any possible water or other obstruction close to the coaxial cable. Regardless of your antenna is inside or outside, double-check for damages you may not have noticed before. 

Static or Blocky Pictures?

If you see static or fuzziness on your screen, that is not a digital connection problem. Instead, that is an analog problem and requires different troubleshooting. 

However, if you see blocky pictures and sound cuts in and out, you do have a weak digital signal. Continue troubleshooting with a channel scan to figure out what is wrong with your TV antenna signal. 

Try to raise or lower your antenna height, or perhaps move the antenna to a new location. If needed, you can install a booster to help increase your digital signal. 

Last Try: Remove All Other Cables Except for the Antenna

One last try you can make is to remove all other cables from the TV except for the antenna. Without the others, you may restore the connection. 

If nothing works after that, try Nu Life TV and their repair service. They can help you when all hope seems lost! 

Digital TV Antenna Troubleshooting for You

This guide to digital TV antenna troubleshooting will hopefully help you discover the root of your digital signal problems and fix your digital TV antenna. 

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