July 14, 2024

Different Types of Lasers and Cosmetics in the 21st Century


Many people who go for laser surgery do not know what it means. Laser treatment involves the use of lasers (a beam of light). Simply, laser treatment is all about the emission of radiation to the part that requires treatment. In the 20th and 21st centuries, lasers have been used for cosmetic procedures where people want to achieve the next level of beauty. There are different types of lasers for specific cosmetic treatments. This means that the laser machines are also different. You can either buy new or used laser machines, depending on your needs and budget. The fact that you can buy and sell used lasers in places like The Laser Trader has made it even simpler for hospitals and spa centers to provide cosmetic treatments. Below are the different types of lasers and cosmetics in the 21 century.

Skin Tightening

Most of the cosmetic lasers in the 21st century provide a certain level of skin-tightening. The reason is that they do not damage the skin. They result in the production of collagen, an element that helps in the tightening of the skin. The best choice for skin tightening is CO2 lasers. Others like Titan infrared devices also offer less aggressive solutions.

Wrinkles and Fine Lines Removal

Most people who go for skin tightening choose laser treatment because it is non-invasive and has no downtime. Ablative lasers such as Erbium lasers and CO2 lasers are a bit aggressive and mostly used for skin tightening or resurfacing. A CO2 laser is also applicable in the removal of warts and any visible tags on the skin. There are also other non-aggressive laser treatments like LED photofacials and IPL.

Vascular Abrasions

This kind of problem includes spider veins found on the legs, birthmarks, and blood vessels visible on the face. These are forms of skin irregularities that people can get rid of through laser treatment. IPL is the most popular and best choice for non-invasive treatment. It is best for treating these skin conditions. Other lasers used are Diode and Nd: YAG lasers.

Hair Removal

Laser treatment has shown a high level of effectiveness in hair removal. For people with unwanted hair on different parts of the body like armpits, it is easy to get it removed non-invasively. People with lighter skin go for IPL laser, while those with darker skin go for Nd: YAG lasers. Both of these lasers are highly effective in hair removal.

Scars and Acne

People with deep scars and acne have benefitted from CO2 lasers. However, recently, others like fractional laser and other non-ablative lasers have also shown effectiveness. Acne is also treated using LED laser technology, and this procedure has proven to be very effective.

Skin Pigments

For people with pigment problems like melasma, sunburns, and age spots, Nd: YAG, IPL, and fractional lasers have shown to be successful in treating these issues.


There are different types of lasers for treating different cosmetic issues. Some of them are aggressive, while others are non-aggressive. Nevertheless, lasers have shown to be the most effective, simple, and best for various cosmetic treatments.