July 14, 2024

Create a Dream Home in Bethesda, MD

Everybody has their ideal dream home. Some dream of living in a spacious city loft, while some like it more traditional—like living in the suburbs with friendly neighbors and the best school districts.

Acquiring this nothing short of beautiful 1950s Bethesda home is one of the best luxury homes in DC. And moving here is an excellent opportunity for you to create your dream home with you and your family.


What are we looking at?

You are looking at a residential house built from the ground up in 1952, sitting on a vast 10,952 sq. ft. lot. If being situated in a historical city near the capital is not enough reason to buy this work of art, there are many more reasons.

Why build a new house when you can acquire a significant landmark that has been around for decades? The architecture of this home is built to last for lifetimes. With materials, trinkets, and natural stones that are hard to come across these days, it is a rare opportunity for any potential buyer to become the owner of a unique home.

As for the neighborhood, this home is located on one of the quietest and most peaceful streets in the Summer neighborhood. It is the perfect place to start a family. You can teach them how to ride a bike in the driveway, make friends with the other kids next door, and go to school in one of the best school districts in the city.


Create and make this home your own

Although the home is already built, that will not stop you from making it your own. It is being sold AS-IS, which means you have many opportunities and plenty of room for renovation or expansion—enabling you to build your dream home in Bethesda and own one of the best luxury homes in DC.

Aside from doing work on the interior, there are many ways to improve the front and back yards. With a little bit of landscaping magic, you can turn your front yard into a garden—or you can leave it be and let the green grass compliment the color of the stone and white fixtures.

The very spacious backyard is one of this home’s highest points. You and your family and friends can do a lot of bonding time in the backyard. You can set up BBQs, put on a trampoline, an inflatable pool in the summer, and more. The possibilities are endless with the backyard alone.


Create a home and build memories

Just by looking at this home, you already know that you and your family can create the best and most unforgettable memories in and out of the house—and in the neighborhood.


Luxury Homes in DC

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