July 14, 2024

Brief Note on Methadone Treatment

For many decades, methadone is known as an effective pain killer. It is even prescribed by rehab center doctors to curb the craving for abused substances as it is a narcotic medicine. Methadone is prescribed for patients to evade withdrawal symptoms and for people suffering from chronic pain.

Usually, methadone isn’t available with the prescription of authorized medical advisor. The reputed rehab centers like Alliance Medical Service Pittsburgh provide methadone tablets to their patients for effective drug addiction detoxification treatment.

About Methadone And Its Effects

It is a long-acting opioid medicine that works slowly however the effect remains for longer time period. It directly acts on the nervous system to erase the pain. The person addicted to strong abused drugs is able to curb the withdrawal symptoms successfully and they are free from getting addicted to drugs again.

The tablet is taken orally and the injection of it is injected directly into the vein. There is even a liquid form of Methadone available that can be taken as per the instruction of the medical practitioner. Its dispersible tablet can be dissolved fully in water or any citrus juice, which are non-alcoholic.

Methadone is safe opioid medicine that can be used for a longer term. However, usage of methadone should be done as per instructions otherwise there are high chances of falling ill. The side effects are severe as its composition isn’t user-friendly if misused. Even stopping to consume its dosage level isn’t favorable for its user’s health, thus best to seek the advice of a reputed doctor.

It is dangerous to consume alcohol or any grape-fruit products while taking Methadone. Over dosage may result in enduring its side effects thus it is best to consult your doctor while experiencing any health problems.

It is advantageous to buy Methadone from reliable sources as the inferior quality of the drug may result in enduring its side effects.