May 20, 2024

5 Tips On Taking Care of Your Mixer Grinder 

Whether it is an Indian recipe or an international one, home appliances help you chop down your cooking time. Cooking has been more enjoyable or convenient after the mixer grinder became part of your kitchen. Whether it’s making purees, grinding spices, or preparing fresh juices, everything is possible with it.

But as with any other mechanical equipment, to make sure that your juicer mixer serves you longer, you need to make sure it’s well maintained. Don’t get worried; it’s not as complicated as you think. If you want to know the easy way to maintain your mixer grinder, read on. 

Tips to Give Your Mixer Grinder a Longer Life

Given below are 5 ways in which you can get superior performance over a long period with your mixer grinder. 


Keep the mixer grinder in a proper place. This area should be dry and completely free of any water to prevent electric shocks. The juicer mixer should be kept away from any objects that could fall on it and damage it. For the sake of safety, keep mixer grinders beyond the reach of children.


To keep your juicer mixer functional over a long time, clean it every time you use it. Use dishwashing liquid for cleaning the jars and rinse them thoroughly with water. 

Clean them with lukewarm water if you get a strong odour from the jars.

Other cleaning options include lemon peels, baking powder, and vinegar that help to remove any stains and foul smell.

Wipe the jars with a microfibre cloth. After wiping, turn the jars upside down so that they are dry. To remove dirt from the outer body of the juicer mixer, use a toothbrush. 

Locking the Jar

Before using your juicer mixer grinder, make sure that the jars are locked tightly. If you don’t, the blades will get damaged. 


Even if you need to use the full speed of your juicer mixer, don’t start it at that level right away. Go from low speed to medium and then high speed. By doing this, you will extend the performance and life of your mixer grinder. 

Checking the ingredients 

The ingredients you put in the juicer mixer should be at room temperature. Never use hot ingredients in your mixer grinder. Allow them to cool down before putting them in. Don’t fill the jar to the brim.

The maximum level should be three-fourths of the jar. Overfilling the jar or using hot ingredients might result in the contents splashing across the kitchen. 

Get The Right Mixer Grinder

Your juicer mixer is the lifeline of your kitchen, and you need to maintain it regularly for ensuring smooth performance. Apart from maintenance, choose a mixer grinder that uses the latest technology for higher efficiency.

Some Crompton mixer variants come with amazing features like MaxiGrind technology, Motor Vent-X technology, copper motor, overload protector, ease of cleaning, and ergonomic handle. 

Get 10% more finer grinding with the MaxiGrind technology. Motor Vent-X technology improves air circulation and prevents overheating. 

The 100% copper motor gives your juicer mixer longer life. The overload protector cuts off the motor to prevent overheating due to overload. The mixer grinder is designed for ease of cleaning. 

Operating the juicer mixer is easy with the ergonomic handle design for a firmer grip. 

Some additional features offered by brands like Crompton includes anti-bacteria, anti-odour, powerful motor, and flow breaker jars. Your health and hygiene are taken care of with anti-bacterial and anti-odour features. 

The stainless steel jars have flow breakers for ensuring finer grinding. The powerful motor reduces your chopping and grinding time. Considering all these features, the mixer price is quite affordable. 

Give Your Mixer Grinder the Right Care

When you maintain your juicer mixer, you get improved performance for a longer time. With the latest technology, you can get mixer grinder online that help you work more efficiently and require less maintenance. So invest in the right mixer grinder and impress everyone with your culinary skills!