May 19, 2024

4 Things To Consider When Researching A Motion Graphics Company

Today, 87% percent of businesses use video in their marketing campaigns. It’s clear why. Videos and motion graphics, whether animated or live-action, can tell the story about any company, product or service. With the right combination of sound design and powerful visuals, they can draw attention. They can drive sales and stimulate emotions. Video marketing can be a powerful tool in your visual communication strategy if used properly. To produce videos and motion graphics, you must partner with the right company — one with experienced animators, writers and project managers. What skills are necessary to run a successful motion graphics animation business? These are the essential characteristics to look for a creative team who can help you tell your brand’s story as you’ll find at this motion graphics company.

  1. Expertise in Visual Storytelling

Visual communication can be simply the presentation or interpretation of facts. This unbiased delivery may also be known as information visualization. It could include a single visualization of data. It could also be a collection of charts. You might even see a list brought alive through icons and illustrations. Video is almost always about telling a story. Videos and motion graphics are more interested in visual storytelling than information visualization. A video can drive an audience to take a particular action or feel a certain way. But engaging stories and compelling stories will not draw people in. Choose a motion graphics animation company that is skilled in visual storytelling. It’s also a good idea to have a background in information visualization. This is crucial to ensure that your viewers are convinced by your video’s message.

  1. Collaboration and Teamwork

Many people are involved in creating a custom motion graphics. A producer oversees the overall vision, a writer creates content, a designer executes visual components, an animator brings those components to life using on-screen action, and finally, a composer and sound design creates custom music and audio elements to accent the story. Each member of the team must work together towards a common goal. It’s not an easy task, as you can see. The words you use in your voiceover script may not match the actions your audience sees if the writer is working alone from the designer. For example, the score could be too dark while the animation might be brighter. Even though each member of the project team believed they were working towards the same goal, this can lead to a disjointed final product. A motion graphics company that has a cohesive team will produce your video. This creates a team dynamic and checks and balances within the partner organization. They can work together and move forward confidently. This works well because you, the client, can concentrate on providing feedback and reviewing instead of driving production.

  1. Visual Range

There are no two videos exactly the same. They shouldn’t be, at least not exactly! You want to make sure that your animation agency, motion or graphics designer can present work samples in a variety of styles. The video they made about income inequality should not be visually similar to the luxury cruise motion graphic. Be wary if your partner company produces only a few animation and illustration styles. Why? They may not have the capabilities to realize your vision. You want your video to be unique from concept to completion. Start by browsing their video and motion graphics portfolio. If you don’t find what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to request additional samples. There may be many reasons that certain projects are not included in a company’s portfolio. These could include NDAs or phasing out old work. However, they might be able to provide unique motion graphics examples upon request. This is where you will see the evidence of variety and the ability to adapt to unique stories.

  1. Adaptability to changing trends

You want your company’s motion graphics different from other’s. But they also need to be different from videos from 10 years ago. While the newest animation styles and design trends may not be appropriate for your company, it is important to work with a company who keeps up with current trends. If retro is the best choice for your campaign, this will ensure that the work you produce for your company doesn’t look outdated. You can rest assured that your team is aware of and adapts to changing trends. This knowledge will allow the team to make modern choices that are relevant to your target audience and their preferences.

Finding the Right Motion Graphics Company or Designer for You

Many companies offer motion graphics production and animation services in a visually-oriented world. Not all companies offer the same quality of animation and motion graphic production services that we have discussed. This is important to remember, just like your marketing efforts and internal communications. Motion graphics and animated videos can be an investment in your company. Partner with a quality production company to make that investment pay off.