February 24, 2024

4 Techniques That Will Boost the Cybersecurity of Your Organization 

Hackers from the dark side of the web are the curse that everybody on the internet wants to stay away from. But wanting isn’t what will protect you. Taking necessary actions will. Those actions are the many online security techniques that cybersecurity experts have insisted on from time to time. We will take you through all those tricks so that you can protect your devices on the internet in the best ways possible. 

  1. Updates are the Key

It is necessary to update a software time and again in order to reduce cybersecurity vulnerability. However, what makes this otherwise simple strategy complicated is that not all software have an auto-update option. And worse, not all software types show pop-up notifications whenever an update is released. So, what you have to do and make a habit of is:

  • Checking the router since it won’t update automatically. So, do it manually. 
  • If you can switch to an advanced router (latest ones are being developed to install updates automatically) then do it. 
  • Don’t leave the router unprotected. Secure it with a strong backdoor password. 
  1. Password will Always be a Friend

Every system and account that has a strong password is much safer than the others. 

Here’s how you get one for yourself. 

  • Random words are the best since they are hard to guess. 
  • Complicating those random words by mixing them with numbers, symbols, and uppercase and lowercase letters is even better. 
  • Complicated passwords that are long are the best ones you can have. 
  • Last, but not the least, a complex password is strong only for as long as it’s unique. So, make a different one for every account and device you own. 
  1. Debugging Does Help

Yes, you install the updates of all software types that you use from time to time. But that’s still not enough if you keep obsolete files in the system. So, 

  • Keep deleting the files/software that you do not use/require any longer.
  • Keep deleting the software types that no longer provide updates since it means that the software developers are not fixing the bugs anymore. 
  1. Do Try Network Segmentation 

When you have many systems, you should practice network segmentation. 

As the name suggests, you use different networks rather than just one in order to store the information. However, there’s more. 

  • All the networks are isolated. 
  • The information is always broken down before being stored in a network. 

It means:

  • Even if one network is hacked, the others are still safe. 
  • The hacker will never be able to lay hands on all the information by hacking into one network since the information is already broken down into bits. So, they’ll have access to only that piece of information that was stored in the compromised network. 

It’s one of the best damage limiting practices that’s highly suggested by cybersecurity experts. 

Do implement all these practices in order to protect your systems on the internet as best as you can.