Hack Instagram on PC

Looking for a method of hacking Instagram on your PC? This is the next way to break into a social media profile that you will learn in this article. However, be aware that this method requires downloading a program on the computer of the person you intend to discover the Instagram password for.

Therefore, you will need to access the person’s computer and download this program, as it will spy on all passwords used on that computer. This way you will be able to discover the password that the person uses on Instagram.

Step by step to use the Keylogger

The first thing you will need to do is access the person’s computer. Make up an excuse that you need to check something in your email from a desktop.

Download the Instagram password finder for Android and install it on your computer. If an antivirus is active, it is necessary to temporarily disable it, as it may prevent the installation of the program.

Open the program and configure it as you prefer. You can even choose which user you want to spy on. If you want to access the program with key combinations just use “CTRL + Alt + F9”.

Close the program and wait for the person to access Instagram from the desktop. You can even ask the person to access the PC, inventing some reason.

Access the person’s computer again and open the program to check the person’s usage data, including passwords, username and more. Now just get the Instagram password and access.

Hack Instagram on mobile

The method for hacking Instagram on mobile is very similar to the previous one. This means that you will need to download an application, install on the person’s phone and then check the password used on Instagram.

A great option for Android or iOS devices is the Shadow app, as it has the ability to spy on passwords used in various applications, including Instagram.

So, take the person’s phone, download and install the app, wait until they use Instagram and then check the password used on the phone again. From this information you can access the person’s Instagram on your smartphone or on a computer using the password you obtained.

You can download the Shadow app from the Play Store and App Store. However, if you prefer you can use other applications that have this same functionality. The idea is that the app works as a spy on the person’s cell phone to obtain the Instagram password.

So you can search for spy apps or hire a spy app to do that too. There are several options for spy apps nowadays.

How to invade Instagram without programs?

Want a method on how to hack your Instagram password without programs? Know that this is possible, but that it can be a little more difficult. In this case, the method only works for the computer and you will have to follow a few steps on the person’s computer.

In this method you will have to change the code of the page where the Instagram password is entered to access the account. That way, you will be able to view the password if it is registered on the login screen or even snoop while the person types. Although it looks like something very difficult, the process is simple and you can learn to follow.

Go to the password page on Instagram;

Select the password that appears in the asterisk, click with the right mouse button and click on “Inspect element”;

In the window that will open, put “password” in the search engine;

Click on “password” twice and then change to “text”. Click enter to confirm;

Finally, close the window and check the page again. You now will be capableof seeing the password.

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